Houston band Blue Cure throws hot event for Erin Brockovich

The Blue Cure Foundation has once again wowed Houston with its fourth annual conference series, featuring Erin Brockovitch as guest speaker. Blue Cure delivered a compelling message on the environmental factors that contribute to preventive health, while announcing a new vision and mission statement and a six-city tour to kick off Men’s Health Month (June 2018).

Honorary chairs of the Foundation Dr Carolyn Farb and Viviane Sage with chairs Angela and Owen Daniels and Chita and Track Crafts brought the event to life at the Hilton Houston Post Oak, where MC KHOU Chita Crafts presented a moving video outlining Blue Cure’s new initiatives to fund research examining lifestyle factors that may improve prostate cancer outcomes and reduce the incidence of cancer diagnoses – by adding and building on on its basic education and advocacy programs.

Keynote speaker Erin Brockovich captivated the audience of nearly 300 guests, followed by cheers from the audience for a heartfelt speech by the laureate Ryan chase from The Roula & Ryan Show from KRBE, whose prostate cancer is currently in remission. The event, previously canceled twice, was truly a testament to the courage and determination of the philanthropic spirit of Blue Cure. The Blue Cure Lecture Series lunch was first postponed due to Hurricane Harvey, and, once rescheduled, again postponed following an illness Erin Brockovich struggled with in March.

As the organization’s main annual fundraiser, the delays proved to be a turning point, offering the founder Gabe Canales with a clear vision of the evolution of the foundation. Over lunch, he announced a new vision and mission statement, as well as a visit to six cities to further spread the refined message: Blue Cure is funding research examining how lifestyle factors can improve outcomes. cancer and reduce the incidence, and exists to empower men with essential information to make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent prostate cancer and improve outcomes for people with prostate cancer. Prostate cancer.

Some of the crowd’s benefactors and supporters include: The staff of the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center and Naturepedic Bio Mattress, Dr Lorenzo Cohen and Alison jeffries, Beth muecke, Monique Hartland, Dr Aashish Shah and Roseann Rogers, John Jamail Jr., Valais Marsh, Jim mcclellan, Geni and Chad Gonsoulin, Jennifer bosch, Tracy faulkner, Ryan chase, Rolled Christie, Betty hrncir, Matthieu palmer, Brian Spack, Roya and Massoud Taghdisi, Rachel and Don Hooper, Taylor sherman, Chris Marajas, Sherri and Brittany Zucker, and Paul-David Van Atta.

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