Haitian Prime Minister flees northern town after security shootout and armed group

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry reportedly fled the northern city of Gonaïves after a weekend shooting between his security forces and an armed group that warned him not to go there.

Local media said Henry left the northern town after the violence resulted in the death of one and the injury of two others, according to The Associated Press.

The shooting took place on Saturday after people left Saint-Charles-de-Boromé Cathedral following a mass celebrating the anniversary of Haiti’s independence from France, the AP reported.

Haiti’s national police confirmed to the AP on Monday that the area had been secured.

The prime minister’s office told the PA that “bandits and terrorists” carried out the attack, saying it issued arrest warrants after the group attempted to kill Henry. The office accused the gunmen of hiding behind walls, surrounding the church and threatening the local bishop.

“Today, our enemies, the enemies of the Haitian people, are the terrorists who do not hesitate to use violence to kill people with all their might, or to kidnap, take away their freedom, rape them. And do everything for money, ”said the Prime Minister in a Tweeter the Saturday.

The incident follows the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse in July. Henry has since tried to create a coalition to lead the country ahead of the general election which is due to take place in the middle of the year.

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