Denver Question 2F to repeal the Group Living Amendment

This question asked voters whether to get rid of amendments passed by Denver City Council to increase the number of unrelated adults who can live together.

DENVER – Denver residents voted on Tuesday on referred question 2F, which asked whether to repeal amendments to the city’s group living rules that, among other things, have increased the number of unrelated adults who can live together .

Denver City Council voted in February to approve amendments to the Denver Group Living Code on the number of unrelated people allowed under one roof, increasing the number allowed from two to five for a single-family home.

The changes also affected residential care facilities such as community corrections or halfway houses, sober living homes and homeless shelters. With the approved zoning rules, the city has allowed more places where halfway houses can operate in Denver.

A YES vote on referred question 2F was to repeal these amendments.

A NO vote was to keep the amendments in place.

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The Safe and Sound Denver group, which collected petition signatures to get the question on the ballot, said homes are not one-size-fits-all and the number of unrelated people living together should be proportional. to the size of the house.

Safe and Sound Denver also opposed changes to the rules on the location of homeless shelters and halfway houses.

The Keep Denver Housed group opposed 2F, saying it would deprive workers of affordable housing options and make life in Denver more difficult.

In Aurora, Golden, and Westminster, the limit for unrelated adults who can live together is four. Parker and Lakewood have a limit of five.

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