COVID Commentary – Double jab for Jo Lilley at the Houston Group

Jo Lilley at home.

Industry figures are leading the way for COVID-19 vaccination, with many announcing the opportunity for a double vax via social media. AdNews asked them about their motivation and experiences.

Jo Lilley, Managing Director, Houston Group

Fully vaxxed. To me, it looks like a badge of honor. I know I got lucky. I received my injections at my local GP office and before I even left the operation my Medicare check was done. I quickly downloaded this little green card into my wallet knowing it was the first step in seeing my family in the UK.

Love the latest Qantas ad. For me, this perfectly expresses my reason for being vaxxed. Being separated from family and friends has been difficult. Mainly because they still haven’t met my baby boy. These first few months are so precious. He’s not a baby anymore and I feel both sad and guilty that we haven’t shared (in real life anyway) any of these “firsts” with our family.

The process for me went smoothly and although I had an easy option with my GP, I know the Homebush experience is also impressive. The needle was painless and apart from a dead arm and fatigue, I had no other symptoms.

If 80% is the goal, then let’s not give a damn! Feeling out of control on so many levels for me is a little thing I can do to make an impact on change. We have control to hit the target and get out of this hole. There are dates available – we all just need to get going and get it done.

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