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Noida: The division of collective housing lots, one of the reasons identified by the Controller and Auditor General of Noida Real Estate Problems, will no longer be allowed.
A formal decision on this is likely at the next Noida Authority meeting. Efforts are underway to schedule it before legislative election dates are announced in January and the model code of conduct goes into effect.
In its first comprehensive audit report, which examined the functioning of the Noida Authority over a 13-year period from 2005 to 2018 and was tabled at the state assembly on December 17, the CAG a pointed out that the granting of third party rights to land allocated to a real estate agent to rent another had resulted in an increase in contributions due to the legal complications it had created, in addition to diluting the commitment of the builders to deliver homes on time. Long delays in delivery times and thousands of crore in property royalties are the two scarecrows of Noida’s real estate industry.
The national auditor uncovered large-scale irregularities in land acquisition, assignments and approvals in Noida, which he said were due to collusion between estate agents and officials. “The audit revealed significant gaps in the policies adopted by Noida in the area of ​​planning, land acquisition, property pricing and allocation of properties in various categories. Failures have been observed at the level of Noida’s board of directors, its management and its managers, ”the CAG report said.
Besides removing the sub-letting of collective housing land, the Noida Authority board should incorporate other CAG suggestions into its agenda for the next board meeting to streamline its operation and strengthen income generation.
Among these is the standardization of the procedure for allocating industrial plots by setting parameters. “The subdivision committee will have to adopt a standard format in future plans and everything will be done in a transparent manner to promote industrial development. Unnecessary obstacles will be removed, ”said a senior official from the state’s industry department.
The establishment of a mechanism to prepare an audit report each year, discussions on the annual budget for the next fiscal year and a process to determine the responsibility of officials responsible for distributing favors to beneficiaries will also be discussed during the meeting. the board meeting.
Officials from the collective housing section of the Noida Authority said the Sports City standoff would be discussed with the highest authorities. “But at this time, we have no announcement to make on the matter. Without instructions from the state government, it will be difficult to sort out the complexities, ”the officer added.
The CAG has been particularly critical of the Sports City initiative, where the subdivision of plots led to the splitting of four large plots of land initially allocated for the initiative to four consortia into 81 smaller plots, resulting in plunged the project into disarray. Noida had sanctioned 46,000 apartments in sports towns – planned mainly in sectors 79 and 150 with a few plots of land in sectors 78 and 152 – of which only around 8,000 to 10,000 were completed. But the deadlock on dues and license conditions means the records are stuck.
Other important items on the agenda for the next board meeting include a budget for the second stopover of Noida International Airport and a proposal to amend the government decree for the development of the satellite city of Noida. In January last year, the state government notified that 80 villages in Bulandshahr and Dadri were to be brought under the control of the Noida Authority. Of these, five villages are located at a distance from each other while the names of 11 villages in the region do not appear in the government decree.
The proposal will be to integrate these 11 villages and keep the five furthest from the satellite city plan. Sources said the board meeting is expected to take place before January 15 next year.

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